Wooden Toys

Wood makes kids happy! Creative and interactive playtime with a toy made out of wood is calming and makes kids happy. 

There is something magical about the physical sensation of running your hands over a well-crafted, solid wooden object. Wooden playthings stimulate your child’s senses as they invite them to touch, feel and explore.


Fewer sounds and flashing light effects, which sometimes burden your child's senses are exchanged with the necessity of own sense of fantasy. What does that mean? It means that your child needs its mind and imagination while playing and won't be passively filled with information. Therefore, the growth of artistic, social, emotional and verbal development of your child is supported by playtime engagement.


Less chance of broken, tiny pieces or sharp edges. Wooden toys will not easily break, which is ideal for babies who like to put everything within reach in their mouth!

Train fine motor skills!

Whether it is coordination, flexibility, decision-making or even your child's sense of balance - wooden toys can help. For example, if your child builds a tower out of our "100 Coloured Wooden Blocks in a Tub", it requires dexterity. Your kid will have to find a way to stack them in such a way that they won't fall or collapse. 

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