Drain Pipe Flower Pot Holder Plant Hanger Flower Basket Balcony Garden Planter



  • DRAIN PIPE FLOWER POTS - Turn dull drainpipes into vibrant features with this specially designed flower pot.
  • FITS 99% OF ALL PIPES -The pot features a clicker strap that tightens and locks around the pipe in seconds to hold it securely in place. It will fit any pipe measuring 68-100 mm in diameter making it suitable for 99% of drain pipes.
  • 100% WEATHERPROOF PLASTIC -The waterproof non-porous plastic impedes bacterial growth and stops the soil drying out and its both frost-proof (withstanding temperatures as low as -20 degrees C) and UV-resistant (so it looks new for longer). An integrated saucer gives plants optimum protection against root rot to keep them flourishing.
  • FLOWERS, SALADS, THE CHOICE IS YOURS - Fill it with trailing plants flowers or even salads snap it into place and bring an overlooked part of your garden to life.
  • DIMENSIONS - Base W 15 cm; Top W 24 cm; H 21 cm Maximum capacity: 3 kg.

Available as a single pot, set of 2, 3 or 4.


Condition New
Weight 0.225kg


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