Double-Walled Stainless Steel Whistling Milk Pot



The milk pan is by far the most recognisable of pans: it is small, deep and has a long handle sticking out from the side or pointing downwards. A milk pan is ideal for heating milk and hot chocolate or mixing puddings and glazes.

DOUBLE-WALLED - Stainless steel whistling milk pot with measuring scale

WHISTLING - Hot milk with honey, hot chocolate, rice pudding and porridge can be easily cooked in this milk pot. Nothing scorches and cleaning is easy as well. This double-walled milk pot prevents scorching and boiling up with its double boiler. All meals are heated gently and evenly. Just before the content of the pot begins to boil, the pipe starts sending a noise

CAPACITY - The milk pot with pipe kettle function has a capacity of approx 1.2 L. The double-walled workmanship has a material thickness of approx 0.5 mm. The milk pot is high-gloss polished on the outside, while it is frosted inside. The handle is made of plastic and does not get hot during cooking

SUITABLE FOR MOST COOKERS - The double boiler is suitable for gas, electric and ceramic stovetops. On the inside it features a measuring scale, making it easier than ever to use the milk pot

DIMENSIONS - Its inside size amounts approx 14 x 13 cm, while it measures approx 14.5 x 15.5 cm on the outside


Condition New
Weight 0.735kg


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