30 cm Squishy Unicorn Pillow Pet Soft Toy

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30 cm Squishy Unicorn Pillow Pet Soft Toy
Ready, Set, Squish!
This adorable unicorn is as cuddly as is cute. Not only will the Snow-white unicorn be on everyone’s squish list, but it is perfect all year round, squishy and comforting. 
It makes a great couch pal, pillow, bedtime buddy and travel companion. Take it anywhere on the go. The unique line is made of super soft Spandex EF and polyester stuffing, similar to memory foam, for crazy, cuddly fun. Caring for this cuddly Unicorn is easy - just give it lots of love! AWESOME NURSERY DECOR. 
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Brand: The Magic Toy Shop
Product Code: 456007
Weight: 13.25kg